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LGBTQ Families — Embracing Diversity
Family at Disneyland
This program explores issues concerning LGBTQ families, such as; How do we define family? Should children in LGBTQ families have to be perfect and successful when other children don’t? What are some special issues with having trans parents? What does it mean when your parents aren’t allowed to get married? Are children in LGBTQ families more likely to be bullied? How does media and popular culture help or hinder LGBTQ causes? How do you become an activist? What are some ways in which to celebrate your diverse family? What do LGBTQ issues look like in the rest of the world?
The Nitty Gritty
Teen Driver
What do you actually DO? No matter what I am scheduled to talk about, this is a question that the audience returns to time and again. In fact, I have used the questions that students have asked me over the years to create this interactive program about the nitty gritty of a writer’s life, with a positive, motivational slant; how do you make money as a writer, how do you stay motivated and focused, what does your day look like, what is it like to work with editors.

This program works equally well for a younger and a more mature audience.
Green Teen Drivers
Green Tree
This interactive 45-minute program, aimed at teens learning to drive, emphasizes environmentally responsible driving and is based on my book Getting Ready to Drive: A How to Guide, published by Enslow in the summer of 2011. Together, the students and I will find new ways to save on gas. We will learn (or refresh our knowledge regarding) how to figure out our car’s gas mileage, and we will talk about the many driving techniques that can help us use less gas when we drive. (This program is entirely centered around learning to drive, though it can be adapted to incorporate material about writing this book.)
Other programs related to the book Getting Ready to Drive: A How to Guide
In addition to environmentally responsible driving, my book discusses a number of issues relevant to teens learning to drive, issues which I will be happy to incorporate in a talk for your students for example;
bullet   how the teen brain works at the age of 15 and 16, and why this might be a particular challenge when you start driving;
bullet   learning the rules of the road, taking your road test, and what to consider before and during taking this test;
bullet   dangers particular to teen drivers and general dangers to be alert to when you share the road with others;
bullet   issues regarding the actual cost of driving: insurance, gas and car maintenance, buying a car, etc.;
I also welcome suggestions regarding topics and would love to create a program for your drivers education group that works for you.
Another Language is Another Way to See the World:
a Program About the Ins and Outs of Translating Swedish Texts
The work of a translator comes with its own interesting challenges: How do I retain the unique flavor of both the author’s voice and the rhythm of the original language? When do I clarify ideas and concepts and when do I trust that the reader will be fine with some gray areas? How much of me and my own style can be allowed into a translation? This program is intended for an adult audience, particularly persons interested in languages.
Swede Dreams: One Writer's Journey
  Swede Dreams
Based on my work with Swede Dreams, this program discusses what goes into the creation of a novel: the good, the bad, and the daily work.

Appropriate for middle school, high school, and adults

Other Talks and Writers' Workshops

Contact me about custom tailored programs. I am always looking for new ways to do things, and would be delighted to have the opportunity to create a program that works for your group.

Appropriate for any age

My fees run from around $200 for a 45-minute presentation, or $500 for a full day of no more than four presentations.

If applicable, add travel expenses of 50 cents per mile, and lodging.

Comments from teachers who have attended my presentations:
“Excellent lesson preparation and so well organized. The power point presentation was great and I so enjoyed Apelqvist’s personal stories.”
“When the children heard that Apelqvist revised over thirty times on one piece, it really made an impression. I think we’ll get a lot of mileage out of that back in the classroom.”
“Very nice organization of materials! The students thoroughly enjoyed it.”
“Apelqvist did a fabulous job presenting to our second graders. It is obvious that she not only loves writing but that she loves students as well. They enjoyed her entire presentation from start to finish.”
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